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Perez & Barros

Founded in 2018, in Rio de Janeiro, from a strategic synergy of dynamic, client focused, multi-cultured and experienced attorneys, PEREZ & BARROS offers serious, modern, customized and ethical skilled legal services.

Combining multi-tasking partners with various backgrounds and diverse experiences, the office has already been acknowledged in its first year of existence due to its quality and efficiency with a client business oriented practice.

The Sao Paulo office was inaugurated in 2019, in Itaim Bibi, with three new partners, adding to the international profile, but maintaining the mission of quality, result-oriented and effective service providing.


Practice Areas

Administrative and Regulatory Law
Admiralty and Maritime
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Asset and Succession Planning
Bankruptcy and Debt
Civil Law
Competition and Antitrust
Constitucional Law
Consumer Rights
Corporate and Business Law
Customs Duty
Cyber and Data Protection Law
Due Diligence
Entertainment and Fashion Law
Environmental Law
Family Law
Financial, Capital And Banking
Framework Stucturing
Industrial and Intellectual Property
Insurance and Reinsurance
International Law
Mining Properties
Nationality, Citizenship and Immigration
Real Estate Law
Oil and Gas
Social Security
Sports Law
Wills and Estate